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rekeying vs changing locks

Rekey Locks

The Process of rekeying is to change the settings of the existing locks so that new key can adjust. Some times it is economical to keep the same lock and make it adjustable with new keys. The process of rekeying is not simple but only a professional locksmith can do this more efficiently.

The process includes an existing key, the lock and the new key which fits with the lock. As door knob locks are more complicated to open locksmith uses necessary tools like catch tool, a follower and a Spanner.

The Catch tool is one that used to remove the knob from the track. To release the catch the tool is placed in the hole so that the knob and rose can be separated. The cap is removed from the knob by the spanner so that the lock cylinder can be independently accessed.

Spanner is also used to remove the C clip. Locksmith placed The current key in the keyhole and turned it into a 90-degree angle this process made slide free of the plug. When locksmith positioned the Plug follower on the back of the lock it follows the cylinder when it is ejected. This process keeps all the springs and driver pins in place and process of rekeying is done. Now the bible is separated from the plug key and the key pins are removed from the plug.

To find the maker’s specific key pin to groove number ratio A key decoder is used. The groove numbers are measured as per the company’s specification and get the specific number. Groove number is used to find the company’s list of relative height. This Relative height guide the locksmith about the size of the new key pins.

So locksmith after gettings the size of the exact match key makes a new key of the lock.

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